Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYPD: We didn't give out the DNA information

The New York police say that the DNA story didn't come from them.

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MYOS said...

I recommend this column by Schneiderman about the latest "developments" in the French media: walking around any random neighbordhood where there appear to be Guineans and ask them whether they think it's possible a rape took place.

Le Grand Journal asked some columnists (Joffrin, Duhamel) whether it's not unfair for a billionaire's defense team to pound on an immigrant woman; Duhamel: "quite the contrary, she's going to have a famous attorney who'll work for free, and of course the DA has many more resources, they have the entire NY City police force doing their bidding and you bet if the defense can pound the alleged victim, how much the prosecutor will beat on poor DSK!"
So, okay, he didn't say “poor DSK”, just “DSK”, but the tone was there.

Duhamel went on : "Americans have a totalitarian vision of morals, what's a culture where journalists can learn everything about a policitian and ought to be total transparency before you run?"
Because, obviously, the problem here is too much openness in the American press and a matter of morals that should be best dealt with privately and without all that harshness upon the upstanding-citizen-politician who should be free to do whatever he wants with women.
Why the face, as Phil Dunphy says...

And if you think I'm exagerating, here's the link:

More from that program:
Aphatie: I don't think Americans “track” all that much more than we do.
After all Obama is extraordinarily handsome and used to be beloved by his female students.

(I kid you not Apathie did say that. Like it explains anything about the current situation, French media, or American journalists)

Moscovici (reacting to the new "angle" journalists have found, le front anti-Hollande, which as far as I can tell from here is complete BS): Si le PS ne prend pas en compte ce que DSK avait posé, la gauche perdra.
(Me, asking Moscovici via the TV screen: WHAT had he “posed”, since he wasn't a candidate and no one knew what platform he was going to run on? Wasn't a previous complaint by DSK's supporters that Hollande's ideas were basically those of DSK's and therefore Hollande shouldn't run as he'd overlap too much with their champion?)
A journalist, giggling: ey, it's because he's on the same line as Hollande but he hates him!