Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Police Note on DSK ... and Other Politicians

The police had found DSK "en fâcheuse posture" in a car in the Bois de Boulogne shortly before the 2007 presidential election. The Élysée knew and had leaked this note to the press. Claude Guéant seems to have been in charge of leaking additional information about the private life of DSK. But he was not the only politician whose sexual activities were being tracked by the Élysée.

A sad, sad, sad business. All of it.


Anonymous said...

I note that they found stuff that could have "aller au penal" for DSK and that they.. looked into dress costs for Royal. I guess they didn't have anything juicy to look into. If that's all she's hiding, she should be fine. :p Especially since I assume "pas de suite au pénal" means l'Elysée decided to cover up another assault?

Anonymous said...

I noticed the wardrobe costs thing too. Is that qll they've got? Looking the part in a métier médiatisé runs into some money unless you're Besancenot.

I thoroughly enjoy the delicate circumlocutions which adorn this piece: fâcheuse posture, rencontre tarifée. You can't beat the French at this game.

MYOS said...

A link kind of related to the possible silver lining Art mentioned - journalists decide to look into complaints for sexual harassment and sexual assault:

Anonymous said...

Concernant ce "blanc" (communication de la police sans entêtes ni signature) sur SDK, pourquoi le journal le Monde n'a-t-il pas fait enquête de son coté? Il faut en effet se méfier des coups foireux de son adversaire, mais cela n'implique pas nécessairement qu'ils manquent de véracité. En fait je crois que le Monde a volontairement décidé de regarder ailleurs. Et cela s'explique par la trop grand proximité (par exemple les interviews en "off") entre les médias et les politiques en France.