Thursday, May 26, 2011


Has the DSK affair "revived" French feminism?


Christelle Nadia said...

Nothing can revive French feminism or feminism for that matter. I guess you missed the memo, Art, feminism is dead!

MYOS said...

Hoping the DSK affair will change things - another column

Hélène Jouan's testimony last week (when she managed to get a word in, as there were 6 guys and none wanted to keep quiet) was especially poignant to me because she stated it as plain fact: when you're a woman and a journalist, you're harassed by politicians; sometimes they'll come knock at your hotel door in the middle of the night, hoping to "entice you". It got to the point that she almost quit, she said. That the editor in chief at France Inter would suffer thus without anyone batting an eye, that she had no one to complain to until then, that it kept happening, that none of the politicians saw fit to address this properly during the program, and that few people have picked up on it even today give a glimpse of what it must be like for starting journalists and, even worse, for all women who don't have a career but just a basic skills, minimum-wage job that they could easily lose.

Alex Price said...

From The Economist, 5/26/11 ("What did they know"):

"On the left in particular, there seems to be a prevailing code under which to refuse sexual advances, even when unwelcome, is somehow bourgeois."

"Nonsense," was my first reaction to this. The old stereotype of loose morals on the left. But then I wondered, Is there anything to it? Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Here's the link to the article (possibly behind a paywall):

meshplate said...

For the sake of comparison, Thierry Desjardins recalls a case in 1996 when Patrick Balkany was accused of forcing oral sex on a woman at gun point. :

meshplate said...

Also from Thierry Desjardins:

"On s’étonne d’ailleurs que le couple Strauss-Kahn n’ait pas compris que l’étalage sans pudeur d’un tel luxe et d’une telle fortune risquait fort d’indisposer des juges et des jurys devant lesquels, milliards ou pas, DSK aura à comparaître.
Mais la pudeur n’est sans doute pas la principale caractéristique de « ces gens-là »."

I love it when someone else says what I feel. Makes me feel less like a fanatic.