Monday, May 16, 2011

RMC Claims to Have the Defense Case

Here it is. But I don't believe that this story really comes from DSK's lawyers. Why? First of all, because they would be fools to leak it unless they have every detail locked down, which they can't possibly at this point, and Ben Brafman is no fool. Second, no defense attorney would ever comment to a journalist about the victim's "unattractive appearance." This is both disgusting in the extreme and highly implausible for a crack team of defense lawyers. I would file this story in the trash bin, but it's being reported widely, so I thought I would send you to the source.


Kirk said...

According to Le Mond's live blog, the NYPD is saying that the attack occured closer to noon, not 1 pm as previously announced.

Anonymous said...

Art, in France, based on what I've heard in the past 48h, this is considered a perfectly valid point. Rape seems to be thought of as "a man sees a very attractive woman and just can't help himself" or "you need to trespass in order to seduce".
I think that all Americans in France feel they've taken a time-machine and are stuck in a previously unknown place, where "blame the victim" is the norm.

I know it must all sound exaggerated, quasi-hysterical to you all in the US, but for us here, it's very disheartening and makes my (our) head spin; the effect on someone who had to endure countless sexual harassment seminars (like everyone!) and who thought they were stupid and pointless ... well, I never thought I'd say that, but if the result of no such seminars is the combination of crass sentences and assumptions as expressed freely here, then it's a good thing we have all these seminars in the US.

Live-blogging to give you a taste of what reasonable people say here:
BFM, the journalists keep being astounded:
"Mais regardez, DSK ECOUTE l'accusation!"
"Imaginez ce que ça doit faire à DSK, qu'il ne puisse pas répondre à la juge, qu'il doive la subir, qu'il ne puisse pas lui expliquer ni s'exprimer, lui qui est si pédagogue!"
"Il arrive comme quelqu'un de démuni."
"Cela fait 48H qu'il n'a pas dormi, 2 jours qu'on l'interroge."
"On n'est plus dans les primaires, ce n'est plus qu'un homme qui doit se défendre face à une justice américaine qui ne lui fera pas de cadeau. Pourtant ses avocats ont proposé UN MILLION, il avait même accepté de rester chez sa fille Camille!"

Anonymous said...

(argh, apologies again: it was Myos, above)