Monday, May 16, 2011

Use the Discussion Page!

Many people have been commenting on the DSK posts. May I suggest to those of you on Facebook to use the new French Politics Discussion Page. That way, your discussions can have some semblance of coherence and won't end up scattered among many separate posts and invisible to the casual reader. Try it and see if it works. And don't forget to "like" the page while you're visiting. This will spread the word to other Facebook users in your networks.

I must say that one odd if rather sad byproduct of the DSK affair is that blog traffic has soared. I hope some of the new readers will stick, but I don't plan to become a 24/7 DSK channel. In fact, I just turned down a chance to appear on France24 because I think far too much is already being said by far too many people on the basis of too few facts. So I am going to try to focus on other news, while not neglecting new developments in the case, of course.


bernard said...

sorry Art, I am not on facebook nor do I plan to be any time soon (privacy!). So I will have to keep commenting here when I find something useful to say.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

No problem. I realize that not everyone is on Facebook, but for those who are, and when the subject embraces multiple posts, this is a good option.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm not on FB either - the risk for procrastination is too high. :) I leave it to the kids!