Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I Removed a Post

A commenter has asked why I removed a post about the Jewish Defense League allegedly breaking up a meeting in the 14th Arrdt. of Paris. The answer is that I began to question the authenticity of the video. It came to me through an RSS feed from a partisan Web site, and when I began to look into the provenance of the video, I discovered that it could only be found on sites with a distinctly anti-Israeli bias, including a Front National site. So I took it down, not knowing whether it was a manipulation or provocation or, on the other hand, an authentic eyewitness video. If anyone can provide me with verification that the JDL did actually break up a meeting in the 14th earlier this month, I will put the video back up.

This is the first time I have ever taken down a post rather than simply correct an error. But since I felt that I might have been relaying false agitprop, I decided to take this one down entirely. I apologize for the haste in putting it up without further checking.

UPDATE: Since Arun Kapil, whose veracity I trust, assures me (see comments) that this event did in fact occur and was not staged to discredit supporters of Israel, I am restoring the video:


Jerry said...

Thanks for your answer.
It seems that even when you removed a post, it's still visible on Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

The meeting did happen - I know one of the speakers - and the video is certainly authentic.