Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backstabbing in UMP

Bruno Le Maire was set to become finance minister, replacing Christine Lagarde, when François Baroin threw a hissy fit. Le Maire then refused to take the budget job that is now Baroin's, which would have made him a subordinate. Valérie Pécresse seems ready to take that job, however. All three see themselves as eventual présidentiables. Two other présidentiables, Copé and Fillon, seem to have done battle par parties interposées in arranging this reshuffle. After 2012, the UMP will begin to look like the PS: un panier de crabes in which each crab wants to get his claws into the presidency. And Sarkozy is no longer capable of imposing order.

UPDATE: Wauquiez replaces Pécresse. His reward for attacking the RSA?

I have to say that Baroin is the must unctuous politician I have ever encountered. Watch this clip, for example:

François Baroin fait son cinéma après le conseil... by LCP


MYOS said...
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MYOS said...

I read this somewhere: "Losing a friend over a 5th-level posting in a government that's over 10 months from now? Seriously?"
In the meanwhile, on the left, the sundering of the Straus-kahnians continues unabated:
Moscovici goes to Hollande (he'd said "anything but Fabius", and Aubry= Fabius...) and Le Guen, in charge of "sécurité" I think, gets on Royal's team. Sabban, ex-DSK groupie, joins Valls' side.