Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Critique of Le Maire

As regular readers know, my favorite politician on the Right is Bruno Le Maire, the minister of agriculture. Since I've praised him in the past, I feel bound to point out this critique of his tenure as minister.

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FrédéricLN said...

"Compétent et impliqué", Bruno Le Maire is, indeed.

"l'inadéquation entre ses analyses justes et pertinentes et la réalité des faits", that's purely him. It's not new. And it's the classic ENA thing: you criticize, you analyze perfectly why the way it works is all wrong, and, say, you live with it, and you are paid for that.

For most of them, it's just about cynicism (they thing nothing can change because of "le bipartisme", or "les institutions", or just "Les Français sont comme ça").

Le Maire is not cynical. A good point. Rather melancholic, kind of a Romantic under the 1830 monarchy. Maybe you read "Des hommes d'Etat" (if not, I strongly recommend it!). The story of the CPE is kind of a summary of the failure of State power in France.

(Yes, there is a good side of French political culture: the commitment of civil servants, and the empathy of French citizens for civil servants. "Compétents et impliqués" !)