Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Demuynck Report

There are several ways of looking at the Demuynck report on the problems of students in the first years of higher education in France. Last night's JT on France2 offered the most dramatic interpretation: a 48% failure rate after the first two years (counting those who drop out, fail and repeat a year, or switch to another field of study, losing a year in the process). Le Monde, by contrast, chooses a comparative angle: France is no worse than other OECD countries. Really? This way of looking at things depends on seeing "reorientation" from university to technical training as a positive sign, rather than an indication of failure. Finally, the PS emphasizes a political failure: after 10 years of right-wing government, there are not enough posts for young teachers and not enough student support (scholarships, housing, etc.).

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