Monday, June 20, 2011

Deserting the Sunken Ship

The first Strauss-Kahnian to transfer his allegiance is J.-C. Cambadélis, and his vote goes to ... Martine Aubry.

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Anonymous said...

Except Aubry isn't a candidate (yet). She even went on TF1 to say.. well, not much, since she won't say whether she's a candidate and she has to toe the line that she herself designed. (People left in droves and the ratings sunk from the moment she appeared - not a good sign).
However, Cambadelis has always been Moscovici's frenemy and Moscovici famously said that he'd do anything except join Fabius, and supporting Aubry means supporting Fabius. Cambadelis went as far as to take the Foreign relations position within the PS, even though he has no special skill in the matter and doesn't even speak English, just to spite Moscovici who wanted the post. Cambadelis is also the guy who said all of France sighed a sigh of relief when DSK was allowed bail. He IS a fine apparatchik and I'm sure he's pushing Aubry to run, but Cambadelis has been near Martine Aubry since Reims and the dubious manouvers of that time; it mustn't really surprise anyone.
How likely/unlikely that Aubry will do the same as her father, and say she won't run? She looks poised to run though.