Thursday, June 30, 2011

DSK Case Collapsing!!!?

The woman's veracity is in doubt.

Prosecutors met with Strauss-Kahn’s team on Thursday to discuss dropping felony charges. Both teams of lawyers are due in court in Manhattan on Friday morning, where it’s possible that Strauss-Kahn could immediately be freed from house arrest.


meshplate said...

What a relief; now, he can run again. He hasn't done anything illegal, so his defenders will say.

Confronted with today's murk, some on the left might have preferred yesterday's simpler scenario.

Anonymous said...

Yet, being a liar or even a criminal doesn't mean you can't get raped. It means it'll be easier to make a juror doubt you're telling the truth; I still have a hard time with the idea the encounter was "consensual" (because the trace evidence is "unambiguous", we know the encounter did take place). Just because the prosecution drops a public case they can't prove doesn't mean it was all bull. After the NYT's portrait of an upstanding citizen, we have an article describing the opposite. It's all to the DA's credit that he's willing to admit he's wrong - in France, l'affaire d'Outreau proved that even after the alleged perps are cleared of all charges, the justice system doesn't admit to the mistake and doesn"t apologize.

Passerby said...

I doubt that DSK would still have any chance to run for the Presidency. There has been too much talk about repeated "inappropriate behaviors" and much more focus on his money than he wished.

But in 2017, who knows... Public opinion can be short lived.

meshplate said...

Listening to the radio he's not only as good as acquitted; DSK's now the only viable PS candidate again.

Tacitus said...

Would French voters accept him as a candidate after this bizarre turn of events? I have no idea.

Cincinna said...

Mlle Banon has just released the missing chapter of her book. The incident of attempted rape she described about DSK is almost identical to the NY accusations.
The accuser's character has been damaged if reports are true. But her credibility as a witness in thus case , not so much. A sexual assault attack against a hooker, drug dealer, illegal alien etc, is still a sexual assault, and a crime.