Monday, June 6, 2011

DSK's Alleged Victim Changes Lawyer

The only surprise in today's hearing for DSK, who pleaded not guilty, was that the alleged victim has a new attorney: Kenneth P. Thompson.


Cincinna said...

re DSK procedural defense:
 "...the flight fear was unfounded.
 "They had the IMF director arrested like a chicken thief. To justify it, they brought up (the risk of) flight, but the plane was booked some time ago (and changed the previous day)."
 French logic at work: they caught him on an AF flight ready to leave the country for France. 
  But he wasn't a flight risk because his ticket was bought in advance.
  If that's his defense, he might be buying himself a one way ticket to Attica!


MYOS said...

I think the change was mentioned about 10 days ago. It seems that the original lawyer was dismissed - the one found on the web by her brother (who is not her blood-brother, many French people have told me to point out his story's just used to make himself look good on camera but also to cast a doubt on her).
It'll thus be a great duel of lawyers...

meshplate said...

What a fine spectacle: DSK deploys Anne Sinclair's millions to discredit an impoverished muslim African woman. And suppose his lawyer, spies and detectives succeed in getting him aquitted? Then DSK'll say justice will have been done. And how will the PS react? Whatever happens, they've been and will continue to be hoist by their own petard. Unless they can bring themselves to admit the gravity of the error of their compact with devil.

MYOS said...

A very interesting article from French Slate, contrasting American and French habits:

NYT also has an article:

MYOS said...

Meshplate: that's pretty much par for the course, though. DSK mustn't be thinking of the PS right now (if his trial takes place Summer 2012, it'll be because of his lawyers not out of a concern for the PS in the elections...) he must be thinking of his defense. After all, if his defense really is "consent", well.... trashing the alleged victim is his only chance.

Still, rape shield laws are in place (French journalists used to state with confidence that they'd bring up her sex life, lovers, even "morality"... which made me think that rape shield laws don't exist in France?) So the defense will have to be very good at walking the fine line between trashing credibility and trashing the alleged victim.

Cincinna said...

Re: Duel of Lawyers
The Plaintiff in this case is People of the State of NY. the complainant is the alleged victim.
Her lawyer will never be heard from in Court. The alleged victim' attorney can act as an advisor, spokesman to the Press, but will not go face a face with DSK's lawyers in the criminal trial.
The case will be argued by a team of ADAs representing the People, and the multi-million dollar celebrity legal team hired by DSK. At $600+ per hour ( the going rate) this is going to be a very expensive case to defend.