Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elle Persiste et Signe

Marine Le Pen by franceinter

The end of this interview, in which Marine Le Pen talks economics, is an extraordinary profession of faith. "La politique peut tout," she says, and apparently she believes that she will be able to work the miracle of loaves and fishes if she is elected. Because she will exit the euro, throw up customs barriers around France ("like 95% of the other countries in the world"), and yet suffer none of the adverse consequences that such moves might be expected to engender.

I would like to say that such fanciful notions would immediately disqualify in the eyes of the electorate, but in the United States the Republican Party has been wedded for years to even more fanciful notions without much damage to its support, so apparently mass delusion and mass education are perfectly compatible. Even, alas, in the land of Descartes, although it is to be hoped that there Marine Le Pen remains unelectable, malgré tout, whereas in the US, anything could happen.

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FrédéricLN said...

Well, she is not unelectable. It would just require the economy to collapse completely, enough to disqualify any of the former "government parties". Which is not that likely. We still have la tour Eiffel and Courchevel.

But Ms Le Pen can shake, rattle and roll the opinion well enough to dismantle what remains of the traditional conservative right (inteded to conserve what, after all?). A little bit like the traditional business-oriented Republican Party has deceased, er, if Mitt Romney cannot resurrect it.