Thursday, June 16, 2011

Le Bac Philo

Le Monde proposes that you try your hand at the bac philo by answering one of the following 4 questions in 1500 characters or less:

- Peut-on avoir raison contre les faits ?
- La maîtrise de soi dépend-elle de la connaissance de soi ?
- Ressentir l'injustice m'apprend-il ce qui est juste ?
- L'art est-il moins nécessaire que la science ?

The first of these questions, "Can one be right contrary to the facts?" sounds to me as though it was suggested by one of DSK's lawyers.

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brent said...

You may be right, Art, about DSK and the first question, but how about the second? If only someone--his mother? Ann Sinclair?--had insisted he pass that one ... Now it's up to an American judge and jury to address the third.