Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loose Cannon

It is with the greatest reluctance that I break my vow never to write about BHL. But this time he's really put his foot in it. France24 is reporting that BHL led Netanyahu to believe that the Libyan rebels wanted "normal relations" with Israel. Netanyahu then leaked this information, forcing the Libyan National Transition Council to deny it and to deny that it had ever discussed Israel with him, while identifying him as a "Special Envoy" of France.

Exactly who is not telling the truth here and who is confused about the nature of BHL's activities is not clear. Perhaps he misrepresented what the NTC said. Perhaps he misrepresented his position to the NTC. Perhaps he made things up when talking to Netanyahu. Perhaps the NTC simply misunderstood, or BHL did. But isn't it time for somebody to put a leash on him before he does real damage? Or maybe the damage is already done.

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