Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Martine Launches

No surprise: Martine Aubry is in. She's running against neo-liberalism, high finance, markets, etc. Why am I not excited? In other news, GénérationDSK has renamed itself Génération4G.

Déclaration de candidature de Martine Auby à la... by LCP


David A. Bell said...

I'm not excited either, but better Martine than Marine. If we end up with the two of them in the second round, we can just start referring to Aubry as "T."

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that speech doesn't sound very "professional" to me. The voice and tone are all wrong to my ear - they may sound right to French ears, I don't know. As for the content, it is not exciting indeed.
Royal spoke some days back and sounds better than she used to. Montebourg also did, in Dejazet Theater, and with an "American" video that I like quite a lot.
Both sound much better than Martine Aubry.
I'm waiting for Hollande's speech.
The RMC guy agrees with me :p