Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A New World Order?

French women ponder their options (NYT paywall) in the wake of the DSK affair, while no one will ever dare call America "puritan" again now that we are obliged to stare at Rep. Weiner's bulging BVDs and bare chest 24/7. I've had enough sex for awhile, so I'm going to assume the role of stern editor. In the Times we read:

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been known for his own roving eye, kept his glance on the politics of the matter, with a presidential election next year. He fired Mr. Tron within two days.

I can see how the excitement of pairing the roving eye with the fixed gaze overwhelmed the writer's good sense, but "kept his glance on the politics" will not do. A "glance" cannot be "kept." He kept his "gaze" on the politics. Un coup d'oeil n'est pas un regard.


meshplate said...

The Weiner affair is so trivial, it beggars belief. The danger of the internet is that it creates possibilities for (Freudian) slips that have awful consequences. We've probably all sent emails to just the wrong person at least once.

meshplate said...

Wasn't it Erlanger who D. Cheney called an a**hole on an open mike at a political rally with W? I'll forgive him his sloppy use of images just for that.

MYOS said...

Several years later, the PS is pondering whether a man convicted of sexual assault should be kept in the party.
Note the light sentence for assaulting and terrorizing a woman "in precarious social situation".


From Le Monde a description of hitherto "acceptable" behaviors that may no longer be.

Cincinna said...

Weiner-Gate is not trivial. A US Congressman engaging in online and phone sex, with sexually explicit photos is serious business. He lied about it.
Weiner has high security clearance, leaving himself open to blackmail. Weiner is a married man, married to Hillary Clinton's top aide and "body person" Huma Abedin.
Embarrassing and humiliating for Huma & Hillary.
Such compulsive, out of control behavior, and lack of judgement are not qualities one wants in a member of Congress of either party.
There is a whole lot more to this story that will come out.