Monday, June 20, 2011


Laurent Ruquier has changed his mind and will now have Audrey Pulvar and Natacha Polony as replacements for Zemmour and Naulleau (Polony was chosen instead of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, as originally reported). Polony's blog is here. And here is Richard Descoings's opinion of her.

Here is Polony denouncing feminism and praising machismo, with Jean-Marie Le Pen, Jacques Julliard, and Franz-Olivier Giesbert looking on (a rather depressing performance, to my eyes):

Natacha Polony L'homme est l'avenir de la femme by CyberPeople

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Alex Price said...

Polony looks a better choice. Watching Bourdin's performance in the clip you posted earlier, I had trouble imagining him saying anything interesting about anything.