Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Won, Philippe et Raphael said...


MYOS said...

Explains a lot about recent policies requiring a mastery of numbers, right?

I've got a great recruiting-campaign slogan:
"Are you smarter than a very average 5th grader? No? Become a minister in the French government!"

We now know there's no vetting process in France but there should be some kind of qualification requirement, shouldn't there? Then again, I assume Mr. Chatel has an excellent degree and was an overachiever, then proceeded to forget everything he'd learned but was chosen for this position because he was uniquely qualified through experience or somesuch?

What strikes me most is not that he gets it wrong (although it took me a few seconds only to figure it out... but I'm not on TV. Then again, he's the minister, he shouldn't be flustered on TV.) Rather, that he'd think 15 items would cost LESS than 10 items. It simply makes no sense.

meshplate said...

That's a gotcha question as Sarah Palin would say.

MYOS said...

It was a "gotcha" of sorts.
Even the Paul Revere Ride is harder than that, though.
This level is more "Did Paul Revere live before or after FDR?" where a high-level government official would provide the answer 'at the same time period'.
It's not only false, but illogical.

I wonder whether the French engage in wiki-wars abut fact though
(cf. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/06/paul-revere-sarah-palin-and-wikipedia/)

Anonymous said...

This is on a par with Dan Quayle spelling potatoe (he added the e)...


Nick said...

La honte.