Monday, June 20, 2011

The Unpopularity of Trade Unions

The media often note that President Sarkozy's approval rating is below 30%. What is less often reported is the unpopularity of other institutions, such as the trade unions:

 En décembre 2010, le baromètre annuel du CEVIPOF montrait que la confiance que l’opinion accordait aux syndicats était en recul de trois points par rapport à l’année précédente ; elle se situait à 33% contre 61% d’avis négatif. Les syndicats se positionnaient ainsi loin derrière des institutions comme les hôpitaux (78% d’avis positifs) voire les grandes entreprises publiques (43%) ou l’Union européenne (40%).

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Nick said...

Interesting and sobering, from a labor perspective. Here in the US there was much hand wringing over a recent Gallup poll that had union popularity dipping below 50% for the first time since the poll was started. I guess US unions aren't quite as in the wilderness as we often feel,at least relative to the French unions we envy for their apparent militancy and public support.
At any rate, the labor movements in both countries are going to have to try some radically new things to remain relevant. My prescription: invest massively in organizing the unorganized and seed broad grass-roots fight-backs against corporate-backed austerity.