Saturday, July 23, 2011

Banon Portrait

The Times portrays Tristane Banon. The money quote is buried at the end of the story:

“She is soft and charming,” the friend said, but she “is also tough” and can be difficult. “In her case with Mr. Strauss-Kahn, she turned everybody against her, including those who worked with her,” the friend said.


Anonymous said...

Her personality sounds like a prototypical abused child's who's grown to know abuse later in life. Whether this abuse came from Mr. Strauss Kahn is hard to say but nothing seems "off".
I'd be interested in knowing more: why and how did she turn people against her? When? Was it at first, when she refused/was pressured to not press charges. Is it now, when she does? Was it by her reaction to the assault (assuming it took place)?
Some reactions within the PS sound like they're trying to protect themselves or each other. I can't imagine what it'd have been like 7 years ago, before anything against DSK had surfaced.

Anonymous said...

This is gossip-related so perhaps it can't be published. On the other hand, while I don't care about the actual people and their "love story", it shocks me that it's about a French policitian whose "militant single guy status" is heralded and defined by "qui vivait comme un épicurien"; he's also qualifying his life as that of a typical college student's in its larger sense ( the word he uses is "un jeune", not "un étudiant" which would connote small budget, books and libraries, etc) -- by which I assume we're supposed to understand hook ups and parties (he's 53). This happy politician is going out with a 22 year old who's his student.
The part that bothers me is the faculty/undergrad relationship - which the magazine obviously finds romantic; I guess there's a larger gap between what French politicians find acceptable and what is acceptable in the US.

Anonymous said...

Still about the story about French politician and 22-year old. Okay, clearly a cultural difference because so far I've had the following reactions to a statement I thought simple " a professor mustn't sleep with his undergrad student":
- you mean a student shouldn't try to date a professor?
- she's over 18, he can do whatever he wants
- it'd bother me to date someone 32 years older than I am but if it floats her boat..
- all these girls are attractive, you can't blame him
The people I'm with do NOT see what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...;pierre-moscovici-pris-entre-voici-et-twitter-une-vilaine-manipulation.html

(Note that the student/faculty angle is totally absent)

Alex Price said...

As someone who has found Banon the most interesting figure in the DSK scandal, I suppose it was inevitable that I would find the Times’ article on her disappointing. Even so, despite some original reporting, most of the story could have been written by anyone with an internet connection, and the analysis is too shallow to be of much interest.