Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banon's Lawyer Sees Vance

Tristane Banon's attorney David Koubbi met with Cyrus Vance yesterday in the company of Kenneth Thompson, who represents DSK's NY accuser. This after Koubbi said that Banon would have nothing to do with the New York case.

More on the Banon case here.

UPDATE: Banon will be called to testify in New York.


Anonymous said...

There was a despicable front-page picture/headline from Le Figaro that tended to imply Hollande was also accused of assault by Banon. Hollande knew about what happened in 2003 (Stéphane Le Foll, his right-hand man, confirmed it) but he didn't think it was important nor his job to chastise DSK. He stated as much. Now he claims he "doesn't remember" which is obfuscation at its most common.
Can Vance subpoened Khoubi even if Banon doesn't want to testify?

Anonymous said...

Cincinna said...

It seems to me that Tristane Banon is ready to testify in NY in l'affaire DSK.
   Koubbi, Banon's lawyer must have decided to meet with Vance & Thompson with Banon's consent, and made the trip to NY for the meeting.        
 A Prosecutor can only subpoena a witness to testify if there is evidence to prove a pattern of conduct. Banon's lawyer is protected by the Attorney-client privilege, and cannot divulge any information or communication with his client without her permission.   
    My guess is that Koubbi and the maid's lawyer decided to talk to DA Vance, with the approval of Tristan Banon.  
  To subpoena Banon without her consent would be an exercise in futility. Nothing can compel her to cross the Atlantic and testify. Even if she did, reluctantly, she would be treated as a hostile witness and her testimony would lose credibility. 
  Cy Vance is pulling together the threads of his case, IMO to force DSK into a plea bargain. 
 I don't believe Vance will drop the charges; they seem too serious with lots if corroborative evidence & testimony.