Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bio of Tristane Banon



Alex Price said...

What’s striking about the Tout le monde en parle appearance referred to in the 20 Minutes article is how awkward it is. Banon is dressed in a low-cut, sleeveless top – “Il y a de la meuf, eh!” is Ardisson’s welcoming remark as she arrives on the set. But when, under Ardisson’s prompting, she tells her pathetic story, the outfit serves only to accentuate her vulnerability. She seems more adolescent than author and gives no hint of possessing any perspective on her experience.

Tout le monde en parle seems to have been Banon’s first TV appearance, and she must have learned from the experience because in her later appearances she is much more at ease and in command of herself. It is as if she is determined not to ever seem like a victim again, even while recounting her encounter with DSK.

In the title of Banon’s first novel, the autofiction “J’ai oublié de la tuer,” the object pronoun “la” refers to her mother; it was the story of this novel, the story of her mother’s neglect, that she recounted on Tout le monde en parle. Banon’s appearance with her mother on Vie Privée, Vie Publique thus makes an interesting complement. The two of them appear to get along fine.

Back in May, The Weekly Standard of all places ran an analysis of some of Tristane Banon’s television appearances: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/dsk-s-french-accuser_571448.html?page=1

The link for the Vie Privée, Vie Publique appearance: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7dbqg_vie-privee-vie-publique-10-novembre_lifestyle

The link for the Tout le monde en parle appearance: http://youtu.be/oAfXSNV7nKA

Anonymous said...

I heard Jean Veil yesterday on television pointing out that her mother, Anne, called her daughter Tristane ...