Saturday, July 2, 2011

DSK Dines Out

For DSK, the taste of freedom is pasta with black truffle sauce, $100 at an Upper East Side eatery:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, homme de nouveau libre de ses mouvements à défaut d'être libre tout court, n'a pas hésité, vendredi soir, à défier, sans doute délibérément, l'une des images qui se sont installées à son sujet pendant cette période : l'homme qui aime le luxe. Il y a eu, juste avant son arrestation, la polémique sur la Porsche ; voici le plat de pâtes aux truffes noires à 100 dollars (70 euros) !
I don't begrudge the man a nice dinner to celebrate his liberation, but I do pity his PR guys.


Anonymous said...

Truly carrying the torch of the champagne socialist

GORBY said...

Sorry, meant to 'gauche caviar'

Mitch Guthman said...

There are no French restaurants in NYC?

For a supposedly brilliant man (who was, in fact, probably going to be the next president of France) DSK is astonishingly tone deaf, politically speaking.

meshplate said...

And part of that is his compulsive exploitation of women. He's a capitalist tool screwing the world, which in its blindness and weakness, open its legs fast enough to get screwed. The PS made a contract with the devil: to win with DSK is the same move that the Democrats made to win with Clinton, and the Labour Party with Tony Blair. The left can only win by being the not-so-Trojan horse for the vested interests of the markets. Are we surprised that he's in a $50,000 a month house (the only place that would have him!), and eats $700 dinners? Look at what he is people on the left! But they won't because they want to win with DSK, at any price. Even the price of selling out every principle to stand for the poor and the exploited against the insatiable power of money (he has an absolute right to his pleasures - we aren't puritan Americans!). So now they stand foursquare with DSK, riding roughshod over every principle.

Cincinna said...

DSK needs a new PR team.
Why do I have the feeling that the man is so addicted to self-indulgence & risky behavior, he would never follow their advice?