Monday, July 4, 2011

DSK Lawyers Say He Did Not Pay for Sex

Here. They deny yesterday's Post story.


Anonymous said...

An so 1° Diallo is not a prostitute (at least not in this case?) 2° they're not the ones leaking that 'info' to the Post.

Another take on the story, similar to the blog's position I think:

Mitch Guthman said...

This seems to be a strange thing for DSK’s lawyers to be saying because it raises the possibility (indeed the near certainty) that their client raped this woman. As I’ve said previously, I think DSK’s story makes sense only if does not depend on the ability of their elderly, paunchy and boorish client to seduce a total stranger in a matter of minutes.

So, now we are left with something like this: Sometime around noon DSK takes a shower and packs his bags so that he can checkout at 12:30 in time for his 1 o’clock lunch date with his daughter. He emerges from the shower, notes that there is an attractive woman cleaning his room and is able to seduce her, have sexual relations with her and then get dressed and gather up his things in the less than one half-hour before he needs to leave for lunch. Speed dating to the max! I do not know how he was able to do this but I am absolutely certain that there are countless men who would pay good money for the secret.

To be sure, the hotel maid’s credibility is totally shot. Worse, her story that this elderly out of shape man half her size and weight came running out of the shower, buck-naked and armed only with his sex organ, grabbed her and forced her to perform oral sex on him (twice) seems totally crazy. Yet, frankly, it’s actually the lesser of the two crazies at this point.

I think the judge will probably dismiss the charges in the next week or so because the case probably cannot proceed with such a flawed witness. And so perhaps DSK's camp has shifted from legal defense to trying to repair his image and hiring prostitutes is bad for his image. But right now, the logic of her story has way more internal consistency and intuitive appeal. I guess maybe he did rape her and just got lucky with his choice of victim.