Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harmonic Convergence: Europe and the US

Paul Krugman notes that employment-to-population rations for the US and Europe have converged since the crisis: "America now has European levels of joblessness without a European safety net."


Anonymous said...

I assume that credit cards replace the "safety net" but what will happen when credit can't be paid back?
Doesn't sound like the best of times to block the budget and the government - this matter with the debt ceiling really sounds like another "pointless thing to die cured". I first heard it about Aubry rallying around the 3% Maastricht criteria.

Anonymous said...

It's not related to debt and unemployment but it's interesting nevertheless:
a "député" wants to control "types of music by bands whose members are of immigrant origin".
I thought it was a joke because it's offensive on so many levels, but it's not. And he's not FN-related, apparently. I'm wondering what's keeping him from joining?