Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Many More?

So, now we learn that Anne Mansouret, Tristane Banon's mother, also had a sexual encounter with DSK, "consensual," she says, but "clearly brutal":

Lors de son audition, la mère a confié aux enquêteurs ce qu'elle n'avait jamais dévoilé, et notamment pas à sa fille: elle a eu une relation sexuelle avec l'ex-patron du FMI. Une relation consentie mais clairement brutale, selon ses dires, qui se serait déroulée dans un bureau de l'OCDE, à Paris -où DSK avait été nommé, en 2000, conseiller spécial du secrétaire général de l'organisation. Un acte qu'elle n'a jamais voulu renouveler. Anne Mansouret était alors l'amie de Brigitte Guillemette, ex-femme de DSK et mère de Camille Strauss-Kahn, qui se trouvait être aussi la marraine de Tristane.

Comportement déplacé
Pourquoi avoir gardé le silence si longtemps, durant huit ans, sur cet épisode? Anne Mansouret dit avoir longuement réfléchi ces deux derniers mois. Si elle a voulu apporter ce témoignage, à l'appui de la plainte de sa fille, c'est pour battre en brèche le portrait de Dominique Strauss-Kahn dépeint par ses amis. "Séducteur invétéré", "homme à femmes", oui; capable de violence, non, impensable. A 65 ans, après une vie amoureuse bien remplie et trois maris, Anne Mansouret décrit au contraire DSK comme un prédateur qui cherche non pas à plaire mais à prendre, se comportant avec l'"obscénité d'un soudard". D'après elle, chez DSK, le besoin sexuel déclenche un processus de domination.


Cincinna said...

DSK really does get around, doesn't he? Is there anyone he didn't hit on. His wife's best friend, and godmother of his daughter?
This is a man who knows no shame, and more importantly, for someone in high office, knows no limits.
I would expect that many more women will eventually come forward.
Even if he gets off on the rape charge in NY, DSK is finished. Hubris, like a Greek tragedy-a gifted, talented, man with a brilliant future sows the seeds of his own demise from within. Karma is a b**ch!

Unknown said...

Or it might of course mean that Anne Mansouret has a motive to lie about him, feeling used and mistreated as she apparently does.

Cincinna said...

 It seems like all the women involved with DSK who have surfaced tell similar stories. Of course, Anne could be lying, but all of them? 
 More likely than not, it seems to point to a pattern of conduct of a very disturbed and out if control individual.
 It seems to me that there has been a tectonic shift in French attitudes regarding DSK and women. 
L'Expression Publique, the online polling site of le Monde, has some unexpected results in its poll
"Donnez votre avis sur les leaders politiques"
 Also an interesting poll on Sarko. 


Cincinna said...

Sorry, poll results for "Donnez votre avis sur les leaders politiques" are found here:


Anonymous said...

There's something strange to a man who'd see nothing wrong with a sexual encounter with a woman, then her daughter. His "possessive" behavior (not violence, but "this is mine for the taking" type of behavior) toward women can be attested by many female PS and even MJS members. It's different from sexual assault though.
Is Mansouret trying to help her daughter, regretting imposing her silence when she should have brought charges? Could that request be related to the fact Mansouret's tryst would have come to light?
Could Mansouret be telling the story so that she's not easy to pressure (sending the message "I won't pressure my daughter because I don't worry about that coming to light, in fact, I'll speak about it myself".)
Is it possible DSK's usual "possessive" behavior escalated suddenly in New York? Is it possible the claim isn't a sign of escalation but rather a repeated occurence?
(Many women told me " you don't wake up age 62 and decide to assault a woman, there's a progression.")
Is Mansouret making it up? And Banon too?
(But what do you make of the Piroska Nagy case? Or is it the only one that's true and the other opportunistic claims?)
We have lots of hypotheses here. And not one shred of proof one way or the other - although "Cincina" above does have a point when s/he states all women report similar behavior from DSK. It should thus be easy to find a third one corroborating the claims, shouldn't it?
Only one thing is sure: "UMP plot" doesn't seem the most logical. :p