Thursday, July 7, 2011

Immigration: The UMP Needs to Poach FN Voters

No surprise: the UMP wants to look tough. It's election season. Of course, attacking dual nationality might alienate voters living abroad, many of whom have two passports, so they're backing off on that. But refusing to regularize the status of anyone who has entered illegally? Polls well on the right, so go for it.

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Steven Rendall said...

A clear example of this is Montauban's Deputy-Mayor, Brigitte Bareges, who recently refused, at the last minute, to allow a French woman and a man of Tunisian origin to get married, on the ground that she suspected a "mariage blanc" intended to gain citizenship for the groom, and that the bride was "fragile and vulneravble." A court ruled against Bareges and ordered her to allow the marriage, but she is still refusing, and vowing to take the case to the Cour de Cassation if necessary. "Let them get married in Tunisia," she says. This after having recently compared authorizing gay marriage to authorizing marriage between animals. Marine Le Pen is beginning to look like a moderate.