Friday, July 1, 2011

It's All Over But the Shouting

When the defense attorneys praise the integrity and professionalism of the prosecutor, as DSK's attorneys did this morning, you can be sure the case is coming to a conclusion. Although the charges have not yet been dismissed, cash bail has been returned to DSK, and he is free to travel around the US. The accuser's credibility is in serious doubt, and I expect that a dismissal will be forthcoming in short order.

I appeared on CNBC this morning with, of all people, Elaine Sciolino, who kept talking over me, perhaps because she read my review of her book on this blog or perhaps because CNBC's operation was so chaotic. I had about 30 seconds to say what I said in a previous post, that DSK's political future now looks less dead than before, although the dust has yet to settle. I expect there will be a strong reaction in his favor in France, as many people, rightly or wrongly, will now see him as a victim either of an American rush to justice or a conspiracy by some secret service. If the latter, there may even be evidence yet to be uncovered. So stay tuned. I am now even more cautious than I was before: we literally have no idea what happened.

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