Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Journalism by Tristane Banon

Curious. It seems that Tristane Banon, DSK's French accuser, published a story in Atlantico last March about the difficulty of finding a "real man" in the 21st century. Atlantico, you will recall, is the magazine that published the pictures of DSK entering a Porsche in the week before his arrest and that was the first to receive news of his arrest in New York via a tweet from a young UMP militant who had a friend working at the Sofitel.


Anonymous said...

It would be a mistake to see anything in that fact:
Tristane Banon, like 80% French women in journalism, works "freelance", not willingly but because most newspapers tend to hire male journalists long-term rather than their female counterparts. When women "freelancers" are asked for a paper, they tend to be asked for puff pieces dealing with women's relations to men, diets, kids, or fashion. (Take a few french magazines off the shelf and check for yourself.) If the freelancers deliver they are likely to get another job, if not then they're out, same as in the US; if they're told to write a piece about "real men", they write a piece about "real men", and if they're told to write about the "new men", they do. They don't have a choice and certainly can't express their personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong about the tweet story: the kid (who was interning there) tweeted to his friends sth akin to "wow, s.o just told me DSK was at the hotel and that he got arrested!"; friends who got such a juicy bit in their TL retweeted it (along with a dozen false and juicy tweets) and it ended up in Dassier's TL. Dassier then figured it had potential and retweeted it; from there it went to Atlantico's TL, then to Atlantico's website. Not quite the same as what is reported.