Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Maid's "Fiancé" Talks to the Daily Beast

The Daily Beast has interviewed the man linked to DSK's accuser. It was his telephone call to her that helped to undermine her credibility. His further remarks may only further undermine her story. Contrary to initial reports, the two are apparently not married. He describes himself as her "fiancé," but she may be only one of several "fiancées." And his answers to reporters' questions are in some respects inconsistent with known facts.

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MYOS said...

The guy is in jail for drug trafficking, isn't he? He's not likely to even know how to speak the untarnished truth... and one couldn't expect him to incriminate himself while talking with a journalist ("some questions, especially about his own past and his associations with criminals, he refused to answer at all.")
It thus doesn't surprise me that his account should be self-serving (especially as he's depicted as manipulative, not a great surprise either) and should even waver on dates etc.
Like the "timeline" "article", I'm not sure what this really accomplishes.

two excerpts I find interesting: "through the fog of Tarawally’s many dubious claims and denials emerges the picture of a man used to manipulating women for his own ends" and "There is no indication, however, that Tarawally or the maid had hatched a premeditated plot." (from the introduction)

According to something I've read in Marianne, they couldn't find someone who speaks the exact same language as the maid and found someone who speaks something close to it. This is repeated in the article as something from the maid's defenders. No matter what, I understand why the lawyers want to get hold of the transcript and recording.