Monday, July 11, 2011

Mediapart Bombshell

Mediapart has begun publishing a series of articles that detail close ties between Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine and numerous leading UMP figures, including Brice Hortefeux, Thierry Gaubert, Claude Guéant, and party head Jean-François Copé, as well as Dominique Desseigne, the owner of Fouquet's, where Sarkozy celebrated his 2007 election victory. Various notes appear to link Takieddine to Sarkozy's policy of reconciliation with the Qaddafi regime (until recently) and with the Karachigate affair.

Will Sarkozy be able to keep the lid on this affair? Or will it explode in the middle of the campaign season? Stay tuned. This could be the UMP equivalent of Sofitelgate.

P.S. I particularly relish the picture of Copé in Takieddine's absolutely divine swimming pool. Not to be missed if you have a Mediapart subscription.

Le Monde story here.


Anonymous said...

One clearly partisan publication outs the party they don't like. You don't think that some other publication will do the same about the socialists in the days or weeks to come?

ugsome said...

Aren't you glad you subscribed? Mediapart does the legwork. And Anonymous, don't think Mediapart wouldn't pick up stories related to a Socialist government.