Friday, July 29, 2011

More About Diallo

From Christopher Dickey:

Diallo then applied for assistance from the widely respected International Rescue Committee, which helped her to get her job at the Sofitel laundry. She soon moved up to the maid service. But that created new problems for her in her Muslim community, according to several elders who spoke with Newsweek/The Daily Beast. Working as a hotel maid was seen as demeaning, and also as the kind of job that puts a properly modest Muslim woman in too close proximity to unknown men. That she often declined to wear the Muslim headscarf known as the hijab also brought criticism. Among conservative Muslims, the fact of her employment as a maid alone could be enough for her to be branded a prostitute.


Anonymous said...

If "woman without hijab working in possible contact with men" = "prostitute", then we know how the Post got its "information", and we know how truthful it was.
Médiapart has an article about Diallo's lawyer's strategy; they think he's putting pressure on DSK to settle out of court so that he won't be found guilty in a civil suit (if the criminal charges are dropped).

Unknown said...

A very plausible theory of the lawyer's strategy, in my view.