Friday, July 22, 2011

Quite a Yarn

This one's made for TV: the wife of a lesser light of the Right, Christian Honoré, thinks that Jean-François Copé has taken out a contract on her husband but wants to get rid of him even sooner so asks his bodyguard, who has become her copain, to find her a hired gun. He may (or may not) have asked his pal, who works for the DST, to do the job. But the woman still can't wait and plans to do it on her own. She gets cold feet, however, while lurking in the yard. Meanwhile, her husband has spotted a prowler and calls the cops, who arrest her. The three alleged co-conspirators are now in prison.

And my question is, Why does a guy who is only a municipal councilor in Valenton and a parliamentary assistant to a UMP senator get a bodyguard and an official car? I thought Sarko was trying to cut down on government expenses. Looks like a bit of fat in the budget to me.


Dick Sindall said...

To make it work for TV, I think we have to learn that the intended victim has more going on than just his official capacities. Budget fat isn't exciting enough. Why does he have a bodyguard? Why would anyone other than his wife want him killed?

ella taylor said...

Who needs movies when we have England and France to entertain us, eh, Arturo?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shot too fast, Art:
"There she says she met and seduced a "well-built" man described as Michel G., the personal bodyguard of a member of the National Assembly. "
Not sure he was paid by the FRench Taypayer, and he was definitely not there for an attaché...
Where did you read something about voiture de fonczion?

Anonymous said...

googe in French is even better:
"Il s'agit du téléphone de fonction de Michel Galière, l'un des deux fics affectés à la sécurité du président de l'Assemblée nationale, Bernard Accoyer. L'homme est arrêté deux jours plus tard et écroué au quartier VIP de la prison de Fresnes. "
Paid by the taxpayer, but for the third higher official of the State.
If he really need it is another question.

Unknown said...

Yes, you're right, I was too quick on the trigger. But the article says that Michel G. drove her kids home in a car with a siren and flashing lights, as I recall. I assumed it was an official vehicle.