Friday, July 8, 2011

A Randy Fellow Indeed

According to The New York Times, DSK invited two hotel employees to visit his suite. Both declined. As previously reported another woman did visit him after 1 AM (allegedly). Is "reckless" too harsh a word?


Ugsome said...

No, "reckless" is the bare minimum.

Marcia said...

In a few years, high school students will be doing term papers about how the DSK scandal changed the the course of history, the way we did about Sacco and Vanzetti.

But this involves Sex, so it will seem waaay interesting to those young minds of the future. Of course, when they see DSK's picture, they won't be able to imagine him having sex of any kind, much less performing the feats reported by his accuser and her lawyer. (Semen on the walls?? Really?)

Students will be marked down if their research is sourced to news reports. Chronicles have been unreliable since the Middle Ages. They'll go instead to the evidence, which everyone knows is reliable, because cops and experts never lie under oath. OJ proved that.

Twenty or thirty years from now, the kids will analyze whether France lost a visionary leader to scandal, or whether it dodged a bullet, the way the US did with John Edwards.

Stay tuned~