Monday, July 4, 2011

Tristane Banon Tells Her Story

Here. She's got her story down, as well she should, having told it now several times and fictionalized it in a novel, which she says is truer than the public accounts she gave in her own name. Is it true? I don't see how it can be proved. So what does she hope to achieve? Justice? Revenge? An end to DSK's political career? Money? Notoriety? Is it victim-blaming to ask these questions? Probably, but they need to be asked.


Anonymous said...

She probably thought he was going to be convicted in the US and thus she wouldn't need to press charges. Then she saw what had happened with the case and realized that he could be back quickly. She stated that she'd planned on pressing charges but wanted the "American matter" to be settled before she did anything, in order to avoid being a pawn in the American trial; and (tellingly) that it made her sick to her stomach when she saw that he was happily dining with his wife, as if nothing had happened, on the very evening of his release.

In the meanwhile, Hollande's continued denial he knew anything about the alleged assault (even if his own chief of staff said otherwise) is making him sound suspicious.

The daily beast reports via the Post that the maid decided to seek revenge from DSK when he stiffed her after a trick - even though DSk's lawyers claim he didn't pay for sex with prostitutes (or this one, at least). Makes you wonder how truthful all of this is.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

But she says that she decided to press charges in mid-June, before the turn of events in New York was known. This may not be true, but it isn't consistent with your interpretation of her actions if it is true. I am keeping an open mind about Banon's allegations, but I think there are good reasons to scrutinize her statements very closely. Furthermore, I think she has absolutely no chance of winning a conviction, given the time elapsed, the lack of corroborating witnesses, the absence of physical evidence, the various versions she has given of her story, etc.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, she said she made her decision in June BUT that she wouldn't press charges until she was sure she couldn't be used in the NY case.
That she would go ahead now, when the NY is all but dismissed, is consistent with that.
I agree that she has no chance of winning a conviction. But perhaps she's not interested in a conviction.
If what she says happened did happen, she may just be interested in making sure DSK doesn't become the next president of France (where his behavior would run unchecked for 5 years.)