Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Union Backs Maid

The union representing Sofitel workers, accused by the Post of culpable involvement in the case, has now replied to this charge:

And finally, late Tuesday night, Peter Ward, president of the union representing the accuser, issued a statement, throwing the union’s weight behind its member, and announcing, for the first time, that the woman at the center of the case was referred to the Sofitel, where the maid said the sexual assault took place, by the highly respected humanitarian organization, The International Rescue Committee.

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thisnameisinuse said...


- Her quoted defender in that article doesn't grant her the right to be wrong.

- The story of the defense is 'convoluted' and that of the prosecution isn't? Life is convoluted.

- '"She is embroiled in an international press feeding frenzy, in which the truth may sometimes take a backseat to the desire to sell newspapers."' And when did your union first consider this?

- It uses 'narrative'. Please can we have a moratorium on 'narrative'?

- And can't we just all unite in despising Michael Bloomberg?