Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aubry Calibrates Her Response to DSK Question

Martine Aubry's advisors must have sweated over this one: with polls showing that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is decidedly unpopular among the people--more unpopular even than Sarkozy--but Socialist elephants falling all over themselves to express their "joy" at his liberation, what is a candidate to do? For Aubry, the answer is to walk a fine line between "no proof of guilt" and "but he's still a macho creep," though the second part has to be put a little less bluntly for the sake of party unity:

Priée sur Canal+ de dire sI elle était au courant du retour prochain de DSK, la candidate à la primaire socialiste a répondu: «Il rentre dans les jours qui viennent.» «J'ai toujours dit la même chose: premièrement, la présomption d'innocence, deuxièmement, je pense la même chose que beaucoup de femmes sur l'attitude de Dominique Strauss-Kahn vis-à-vis des femmes», a-t-elle ajouté.

And of course this has the added advantage of digging at rival François Hollande, who can't get himself off the hook by saying he thinks what other women think.


Anonymous said...

At the time, I thought it was finely played; then I thought "typical politician".
C+ is having a ball with DSK.
60% French people think Rocard's comments are fine and not over the line.
As for Macé-Scaron of "intertextuality" fame and Yves Théard from Le Figaro, Aubry's comments are just a game, a change of tune for tactical reason and "jesuit". There's a risk that Aubry may begin to appear as hypocritical though, especially with some TV reports from la Rochelle and the kind of "fiction" you pointed out earlier.
So, did she play it right or not?

Anonymous said...

Of course, she was saying this to explain how DSK is coming back soon etc.
So she gave a little bit of everything for everyone.
Macé Scaron also said " it bothers me that she confuses an unpleasant, boorish behavior with rape. Those aren't the same thing at all."
Although I didn't get that from what Aubry said. It sounded like Aubry was saying "I didn't like his behavior but we must assume innocence until proven guilty". Which I thought smart.

Cincinna said...

If the PS thought they could win the election running DSK as their candidate, they would vote for him in a NY minute (or should I say, 9 minutes?)
DSK is now politically toxic, and the rush to backtrack on their initial disgusting comments after his arrest is now a stampede.
How about a simple "our thoughts and prayers are with his family"
IMHO they deserve each other.

Robert said...

The rush to bactrack? After the "joy" they all expressed once Vance dropped the charges?