Friday, August 12, 2011

Cozy Sarko Support Group

Nicolas Sarkozy has agriculture minister Bruno LeMaire working on his official campaign platform, but it never hurts to have other minions at your beck and call. So a group of septuagenerians has been enlisted, led by Vivendi president J.-R. Fourtou and including Figaro editor Mougeotte and former Grenoble mayor and convicted felon Alain Carignon.

Sheesh. In what other country can a presidential campaign be advised by the editor of one of the country's major newspapers? Conflict of interest? Ni vu ni connu.

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Anonymous said...

In Italy...
Giuliano Ferrara co-wrote the last vital speech of Berlu before the parliament.

Ok , quite the opposite of a positive reference in the matters of conflict of interest.

But an easy response to your rethorical question.