Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DSK and "the Jews"

The CSA has sanctioned a radio station, Sud Radio, for repeatedly asking listeners the question, "Is DSK supported by the Jews?" (More details here.) A more pertinent question today might be, "Is DSK supported by the Socialists?" With party leader Martine Aubry in the lead, most party stalwarts seem to be backing away from their initial "relief" and "joy" at DSK's liberation, as they begin to take stock of the ways in which his return to France, now scheduled for Sunday morning, complicates the Socialist primary.


Anonymous said...

My take from La Rochelle: the party members present were ALL fed up with DSK. For them (except a handful of former strauss-kahniens) he's over. Life goes on and they can't bear these repeated questions about him when it has nothing to do with what really matters.
What really matters, they pointed out, is what's being discussed in the workshops and conferences: the Arab Spring, increasing poverty, the destruction of public schools, the rising FN, agriculture and Europe, unemployment and under-employment (I learnt that out of 19 jobs created, 12 were for contracts under 1 month long)....
They're all fed up with the DSK questions and, I think most French citizens also are at this point. But the journalists here haven't tired of it yet.
Witness Le grand journal today for example - I was watching with a French friend and when the question came up (and again, and again), she blurted, fake-angrily "can't they shut up about it? I'm tired of hearing about that. Even my hairdresser said that today!" (by which I assume hairdresser= gossip).

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, that Sud Radio was shocking. I wish they'd say "no comment".