Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FN Discussed on C Dans l'Air

The program starts with a shocker: polls show Marine Le Pen capturing 40% of the working class vote, more than twice the score of the PS (15-18%) and three times that of Nicolas Sarkozy (~13%).


Won, Philippe et Raphael said...

The working class is anyway not really a threat for other traditional parties, it is part of the game from media. Pisser dans un violon is the good expression for this subject, we all knows that Lepen president will never happen.

bernard said...

the view that the working class is disappearing is unsubstantiated by factual evidence. All that is happening is that the archetypical working class of old - workers in factories manufacturing things - is indeed shrinking, and those belonging to it are increasingly immigrants. However the working class today also comprises employees working in the service industries. Check out statistics regarding the actual number of salaried workers earning the minimum wage and up to 30% above, and then try to argue that the working class is no more!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your understanding of working class... but what is the definition of working class used by polling institutions?