Monday, August 29, 2011

Greenpeace Rates the Candidates

Greenpeace rates the candidates on a variety of green-related issues. The overall rating is worthless, because a number of the candidates did not respond on specific issues or have not taken public positions. But the answers to questions in specific categories will give you a sense of each candidate's overall orientation. I am not in sympathy with Greenpeace's overall orientation, so these aren't the questions I would have asked, however. In particular, I disagree with the intransigent anti-nuclear line. A more finally nuanced policy on nuclear power is essential, given France's current heavy reliance on nuclear for electricity, and this is one thing I will be looking for as the campaign proceeds. The nuclear industry is also one in which France holds a significant comparative advantage.

Be patient. The Greenpeace Web app is rather slow in moving from question to question.

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