Friday, August 5, 2011

"Le coeur à gauche" but a Vote for the FN Is "Not Unthinkable"

Rue89 recounts the evolution of one voter on whom the left can no longer count.

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Cincinna said...

How can someone à gauche par tradition could switch over to Marine le Pen? One sees the same phenomenon here in the US where some friends of ours, lifelong Democrats who supported Obama, are actively supporting and fundraising for Ron Paul. At first glance it seems crazy, but a closer look tells us a lot about the political climate in both countries.
I think the reason is a total dissatisfaction with government & it's inability to provide for the needs of hard working regular folks, who feel alienated and left out if the process. Another reason might be that there is a point where the far left and the far left join - they are both totalitarian wanting censorship, and control of elements of individual's life and rights.
I'm not at all comparing Ron Paul to MLP, but the element of feeling disenfranchised and ignored is similar in both countries.
Neither IMO has a chance of actually winning, but are guiding the discourse around their ideas. Populism has great appeal in difficult times.