Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Le Monde Gets It Right

Some in France may be saying that DSK has been "blanchi," but Le Monde gets it exactly right:

En se prononçant pour le classement du dossier, lundi 22 août, faute de pouvoir établiravec certitude devant un jury la crédibilité du témoignage de la victime présumée, sur lequel repose exclusivement l'accusation d'agression sexuelle, le procureur de l'Etat de New York ne blanchit pas totalement M. Strauss-Kahn : il reconnaît simplement que les incohérences apparues, au cours de l'enquête, dans la version de la jeune femme, ne lui permettraient pas de convaincre douze jurés de la bonne foi de celle-ci, au-delà du doute raisonnable.


Anonymous said...

Thank god some in the media here have gone to the trouble to attempt to understand the functioning of the American judicial system. Some of the reporting, and most of the political pronouncements, have been astounding in their ignorance and horrifying in their smarmy tone of self-congratulation.

One senses in the apparent schadenfreude that perhaps things have not so much changed here when it comes to affaires de moeurs...

bernard said...

having refused for four months to substitute to american justice and render my own verdict in this case, I have to say, reading the motion for dismissal, that two massively important facts emerge. One, there is the portrayal of a pathological liar who lies about anything, small or big, related or unrelated to the case. Second, there is a complete absence of any physical evidence corroborating unvoluntary sex. The DA's office is to be praised for having the courage of acting on the actual evidence of the case, which we can be certain they painstakingly researched.

So, what we have here is a man who has been destroyed, lynched by the press, and who will now slowly emerge from this nightmare. As F. Mitterrand said following the suicide of F. Beregovoy, "son honneur jeté aux chiens". Beregovoy had accepted a very tiny favour from a friend, he should have exercised better judgment, and was hunted down for this until the tragic end. DSK made an error of judgment, did not commit a crime.

Cincinna said...

 DA Vance did exactly what he was obligated to do under the law. 
  He did his job correctly in dismissing, just as he did his job correctly when he indicted. 
 All the talk of lynching, etc is hyperbole in extremis. 
  Bringing up the "suicide" of Prime Minister Pierre Béregovey, is more an example of the lack if transparency and coverup in the corrupt French system than anything else. M. Béregovey died under circumstances that were more than suspicious.  There was no inquest nor investigation of how a Prime Minister of France could be left alone by his official bodyguard, in a car with a loaded weapon. Nobody believed the story at the time. Most offered the passive Gallic shrug of powerlessness. 
 Regardless  of the ranting in the French press, our system of justice works, & it certainly worked for DSK. 
 If the witness couldn't convince the DA and his staff that her testimony was believable beyond a reasonable doubt, he could not expect a jury to do so. 
 That does not mean that DSK is "blanchi" or "not guilty", it means that the DA could not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a very high standard, indeed. 
 Before Vance's presser was interrupted by the earthquake !!! he did release a statement putting an end to the kook
conspiracy theories, saying, in essence, that Ms Diallo did not know   who DSK was.
  As to the Civil trial, the standard is much lower -  "preponderance of the evidence" meaning more likely than not. 
  I hope we have heard the last of DSK. The revelations that came out showed him to be an extremely disturbed, out of control individual, who engages in very risky behavior, and leaves himself open to accusations, blackmail, and God only knows what else. IMHO he should be kept as far away from positions of power as possible. 

Cincinna said...

DSK: Hoisted by his own petard!
 Edito le Monde:


"Pour M. Strauss-Kahn, la leçon est bien, comme nous le disions, "impitoyable". L'affaire l'a contraint à quitter prématurément, et dans des circonstances infamantes, son poste de directeur général du FMI. Elle a compromis définitivement sa candidature à l'élection présidentielle de 2012. Et elle a levé le voile sur des aspects de sa personnalité, ses relations avec les femmes et avec l'argent. Comme la plupart des hommes politiques français, il se pensait protégé par notre solide tradition de respect de la sphère privée.

L'emballement médiatique a incontestablement joué un rôle majeur dans la chute de DSK. Des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, les exemples de dérapages ne manquent pas, hélas. Mais l'essentiel, au bout du compte, repose sur M. Strauss-Kahn lui-même. Comme pour Bill Clinton, dont la présidence a été ternie par l'affaire Monica Lewinsky, il est surtout victime de sa propre imprudence."

re: Bill Clinton
 Important to remember that Bill Clinton was convicted of perjury for lying in the Paula Jones trial, lost his license to practice law, and paid a very large financial settlement to Paula Jones. He was impeached, but not convicted for that. Monica Lewinsky had nothing to do with his political downfall. Just immoral risky behavior, but not criminal.
Politcally, in terms of masterful political skills, DSK is no
Bill Clinton. And Anne Sinclair no Hillary-more Tammy Wynette!