Friday, August 26, 2011

New Republic Article

I have an article in The New Republic on the political aftermath of the DSK affair. The lurid title is not mine, however. (Scratch that: at my request, they've changed the title.)


Cincinna said...

  Congrats on a good article. This poll confirms your observations. 
  I found shocking the results of the poll @ l'Expression Publique, the polling site of le Monde. The poll is still open & the results are only partial.

The intensity of anti-DSK sentiment, total disgust, & the feeling that in the NY legal imbroglio, France dodged a bullet, shows good common sense by everyday readers. 
 As always, and as is the case everywhere, elites live in a bubble and have no conception of what regular people are experiencing. 
 Ça doit fair froid au dos aux PS et défenseurs du DSK

FrédéricLN said...

I agree with your conclusion "His return to the political scene would no doubt reanimate their fury against both DSK the alleged sexual predator and DSK the agent of international capital."

DSK now has all of a "mistigri" (this cat you can't throw out of your way despite all efforts). It's a pity to hear that even his closest supporters (of yesterday) now claim their interest for his "ideas" (translate into plain french : he being out of the way of true politics, the struggling ones).

I can't imagine what the sentence "vous étiez un ami de DSK, non ?" will mean during the next weeks. Especially if women ask that question to men.