Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ozon Out

Laurent Ozon, who joined the bureau politique of the FN in January and was supposed to be contributing to the party's de-demonization, has resigned, possibly in the wake of tensions stemming from his having blamed the Norwegian massacre on "too much immigration." This is the same "deviation" from the party line of which Le Pen père is guilty--but he remains as honorary president of his daughter's inheritance.


Cincinna said...

 Just how deep does the anti-Semitism and anti- immigrant poison run in France and Europe?
 This excellent article from The Harvard Law Journal by one of your colleagues at Harvard is a   shocking exposé of the blatant anti-Semitism in Norway. On the part of non-immigrant Norwegians, members of the government and academic community. 

  "Dershowitz in WSJ: Norway to Jews: You’re Not Welcome Here"

This is pure anti-Semitism, nothing to do with political issues of Zionism or Israel- just classic Jew hatred pure & simple. From the article:
"....This line of talk—directed at Jews, not Israel—is apparently acceptable among many in Norway's elite. Consider former Prime Minister Kare Willock's reaction to President Obama's selection of Rahm Emanuel as his first chief of staff: "It does not look too promising, he has chosen a chief of staff who is Jewish." Mr. Willock didn't know anything about Mr. Emanuel's views—he based his criticism on the sole fact that Mr. Emanuel is a Jew. Perhaps unsurprisingly, fewer than 1,000 Jews live in Norway today."  

We have friends who invited us to spend a few weeks at their summer home in Norway.
When we first read this article in the WSJ, we verified, and then declined the offer. Our friends, who are American of Norwegian ancestry were shocked too. 
  So we're here melting in the 105 degree heat in Texas instead of enjoying the cool fjords of Norway. 

thisnameisinuse said...

- What does that have to do with France?

- That's Alan Dershowitz. Plenty of people have problems with his views on Israel and torture without being anti-Semitic.

- It's not just apartheid South Africa which has had problems with Alan Dershowitz. Google 'Dershowitz Desmond Tutu' and read the sort of comments from Dershowitz which show articles like the one in your link to be untrustworthy as any sort of guide to life in another country.

- Leaving aside his record, it's a sloppy article. He writes 'This line of talk... is apparently acceptable' without showing that it is. A couple of comments do not make something widely accepted.
His overly strident approach robs genuine arguments of their strength.

- He admits that his Norwegian lectures were popular and that the universities have refused to go along with the boycotts. So even by his standards it was hardly 'Norway to Jews'.

- As in the USA, the European far right is quite likely to be strongly pro-Israel.,1518,777175,00.html