Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poll: French Trust Merkel More than Sarkozy

When it comes to leading the way out of financial crisis, the French man in the street apparently trusts Angela Merkel (46%) and the IMF (41%) more than Nicolas Sarkozy (33%). Of course only 48% trust themselves, so we must take these figures with a grain of salt. In any case, the French surely know less about Merkel than they do about Sarkozy, and in this case ignorance breeds respect. And so does Merkel's niggardly attitude toward bailouts: the French are no more eager to help out their neighbors than the Germans, it seems, even if in the end they're undermining themselves.


FrédéricLN said...

Yes, how far are the French informed about Mrs Merkel and her policies?

They are perfectly used to know how trustworthy their President is, therefore, indeed, "in this case ignorance breeds respect"!

That said, Mrs Merkel is the only European leader with an experience of bailouts. I read (did not check) that even in her own Bundesregierung, no other Minister comes from Eastern Germany.

I think the main difference is that she speaks about a reality, while the other governments try to escape from reality, or ridiculous games such as assembling "des châteaux de cartes".

Seriously, I don't know if bankruptcy can be avoided for several European states, I also don't know if it would be a good thing or not, in the present situation.

What I'm sure of, is that, bankruptcy or not, the European States will be obliged to balance their budgets. So, they will need much more money. And the present tax dumping game between European States (or States within the US, btw) deeply undermines their ability to raise more money, in a globalized economy.

They have to find ways to earn (not to lend) more money. Once they find that, bankruptcy or not is a lesser question, nearly a technical option.

But as far as they try to escape facts, no progress can be accomplished.

MYOS said...

I don't see how it's possible to keep the same taxation levels - and some evening-out among European states ought to happen, because if some States raise taxes on the upper margins too much (and especially if they tax corporations more) there'll be an exile into more tax-friendly places. But even with this threat, I don't see how it'll be possible to maintain current spending without increasing revenue. As to cutting spending, we learned that President Sarkozy spent an inordinate amount of public money to install a wood-fire pizza oven in in personal plane so I doubt it's forthcoming.
I find it interesting that this survey seems to state that people trust citizens - I assume it means through elections and community involvement but it may mean through demonstrations, too. What do you think?
The article you pointed to yesterday indicates that demonstrations, riots, and other violent acts increase when budget cuts are enacted (although the authors imply that what we're seeing is mild compared to what happened in the past) so it may indicate a willingness to "take things into their own hands" if their leaders aren't up to the task. What do you think?