Monday, August 29, 2011

Rocard: DSK Is "Obviously Mentally Ill"

Lors de l'émission Le Grand Journal de Canal+, M. Rocard a déclaré : "Cet homme a visiblement une maladie mentale", éprouvant des "difficultés à maîtriser ses pulsions. C'est dommage, il avait un vrai talent, c'est vrai".

See at 10:55 in the clip below:

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Robert said...

Lots of Laurent Ruquier/Grand Journal-type infotainment with a satirical streak on French TV. Do you get the sense that this is where a lot of French voters get their news and form their opinions about politicians? Sort of the same as the Daily Show in the States?

If so, Hollande must be pleased that he got out of it without saying anything dumb. Now, inspiring?

Anonymous said...

Rocard also defended himself by saying "freedom means we can say anything we want, whenever we want, however we want".

Honestly I think Rocard should admit he's become old and retire.

Anonymous said...

Good point mentioned by Robert!

Just look now at the Guignol de l'Info and Nicolas Canteloup transfer to TF1...