Sunday, August 14, 2011

Royal Plays the Experience Card

She has the "experience" to defeat Nicolas Sarkozy, she says, having lost to him before. It's a weak hand she's playing, and this is no doubt her best, perhaps only, card. But it doesn't seem to be working.

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Anonymous said...

Fact is, in France, losing to win is a big thing. What I think of is Mitterrand, who won because he had experience + broad alliance.
(In fact, insofar as Mitterrand's the only elected president from the PS, you could say that his losing twice to win twice makes losing a good luck charm).
Also, I think that Aubry having to decide against her will, due to DSk's forfeit, but not having prepared to run, makes Royal's "experience" angle a smart one.
Of course it's hard to see whether it'll be successful but since the green primaries polls and results were so off I don't trust French polls at all. (I think they thought Hulot would win 70/30...)