Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Society of Equals" by Pierre Rosanvallon

Sylvain Bourmeau interviews Pierre Rosanvallon about his new book, La Sociéte des égaux, which happens to be what I'm translating at the moment. Unfortunately, you have to be a Libé subscriber to read this, and I'm not. If you're in France, do buy the book (just out, I believe): it's Rosanvallon at his best.

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Richard Mounts said...

I've been reading the review and commentary on Rosanvallon's new book in Le Monde des Livres and his interview in last week's Nouvel Obs (available on-line). Not to rush you or anything, but I'm hoping your translation will be out as soon as possible. It looks like his ideas deserve as much, or more, discussion here as in France. Meanwhile, he also had a piece in Le Monde in July (the 22nd) where he asks, "Et on peut se poser là une question : est-ce que le XXIe siècle n'est pas en train d'être l'âge des populismes comme le XXe siècle avait été celui des totalitarismes?" Any chance of translating the piece for an op-ed page here? This, too, deserves a wider audience. Thanks, again, for you blog.